The Examination committee is an apex body of the Institute which is headed by Examinations In-Charge. The main function of this Committee is  to carry out examinations in smooth manner and Keeping the record of  each and every issue related to the examination. 


The objective of the examination is to assess the extent to which  the student has achieved the academic objectives stipulated for  the subjects of the programme in the curriculum. 

❖ To conduct Internal Assessment and External Assessment  Examination related all work as per school notifications and  ordinance 

❖ To take measures against any misconduct or fraud. 

❖ To scrutinize all the checked papers and submission of internal  marks to school. 

❖ Preparation and submission of annual exam report to office.
❖ Approval of examination and question paper pattern.  

❖ Creating guidelines for examiners and students.  

❖ Proper maintenance of examination record 

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